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name  Topic
pluralName  Topics
icon  Index.png
icon Url  /images/a/ae/Index.png
documentation  A Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity
wikiDocumentation  A Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity
default storemode  property
list Limit  
use cargo  false
context  MetaModel


Topic cargocargouse cargoTypes/Boolean9falsefalsefalseShould the Topic be stored using the Cargo Extension?falseTopic
Topic contextcontextcontextTypes/Pagedropdown
Topic defaultstoremodedefaultstoremodedefault storemodeTypes/Text7falsefalse50falseradiobuttonnone,property,subobjectThe default storemode of the topicTopic
Topic documentationdocumentationdocumentationTypes/Text5falsefalse50falseThe plaintext documentation of a Topic. Please do not use markup for this.Topic
Topic headerTabsheaderTabsheaderTabs10falsefalsefalseshall the forms be generated with header tabs?trueTopic
Topic iconiconiconTypes/Page3falsefalseFile55truean Icon for the topicfalseTopic
Topic iconUrliconUrlicon UrlTypes/URL4falsefalse80falsetextthe url of an iconfalseTopic
Topic listLimitlistLimitlist LimitTypes/Number8falsefalse4false
What is the default #ask list limit for this Topic?trueTopic
Topic namenamenameTypes/Text1truetrue80falseThe name of the topicTopic
Topic pluralNamepluralNamepluralNameTypes/Text2falsefalse50falseThe plural of a topic name. E.g. for the topic 'City' the pluralName is 'Cities'. If no pluralName is specified an 's' is appended. E.g. for the topic 'Book' the default pluralName is 'Books'Topic
Topic wikiDocumentationwikiDocumentationwikiDocumentationTypes/Text6falsefalse50falseDocumentation of the Topic using MediaWiki / Semantic Mediawiki markupTopic


A Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity


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